Tozer adjustable music stool

Tozer Adjustable Music Stools

Just Piano Stools for the widest choice of quality music stools. UK postage is included in the price. These Tozer solo adjustable piano stools are available to order. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery. Adjustable music stools are also available from Woodhouse.

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Tozer adjustable music stool

adjustable music stool
  tozer adjustable piano stool without music storage  music storage
  adjustable height tozer solo music stool  adjustable height
  choice of vinyl, dralon or leather  choice of fabric

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The Tozer 5018 solo adjustable music stool features adjustable height with tapered. Available in satin or gloss finish. The seat is available in vinyl, dralon or leather in a range of colours. Also available with braced legs as the Tozer 5030.

music stool dimensions    57cm wide, 33cm deep and 48/58cm high.
(approx. 22 1/2" wide, 13" deep and 19/23" high)

Sorry we no longer supply Tozer stools.

The Tozer adjustable music stool provides height adjustment between 48 and 58cm. and is available in vinyl, dralon or leather. Tozer also supply a braced leg version of this adjustable piano stool, the Tozer 5030. See our full range of solo piano stools from Woodhouse and Tozer.

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Tozer Music Stools

The history H.J. Fletcher and Newman, owners of the Tozer brand, begins way back in 1876. H.J. Fletcher and Co. started by making fretted fronts for pianos, the company soon developed supplying the growing numbers of piano makers in London at the time. Morgan and Newman was founded in 1933 by Charles Newman and Fred Morgan. In 1958 these two companies merged to become H.J. Fletcher and Newman at the same time acquiring G.F. Baker and Co, and J.S. Tozer Ltd. They now had the facilities to supply piano retailers with a comprehensive range of products and services including piano components, music stools and piano repairs. The British piano industry began to decline after the war so Fletcher and Newman decided to expand their piano services abroad reaching as far afield as Australia and the Far East. Today the Tozer brand is known around the world and the company has substantially increased its customer base in the UK and Europe.

Tozer adjustable music stool

  • These adjustable music stools are manufactured by Tozer and are made to order. Please allow six weeks for delivery of your new piano stool.