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Just Piano Stools for the widest choice of quality piano stool.

piano stools

Our quality piano stools are available in a selection of fabrics, wood colours and finishes. All options can be ordered directly from our website, your new piano stool will be made to order especially for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have one in stock?
A. No, sorry all items are made to order. With thousands of possible combinations of piano stool that we offer it is impossible to carry any stock.

Q. Where can I have to stool sent to?
A. If you are paying on-line by card then the goods will have to be sent to the card holders address. If you want the stool delivered to an alternative address, perhaps because it's a present for someone or maybe you are at work during the day then simply pay by cheque. This will not delay your order.

Q. Can I use my own material?
A. Yes, we can supply any Woodhouse stool in calico ready for you to upholster at home or if you send us the fabric we can cover the stool for you. If you wish to have the stool covered there is a charge of £10.00 for this. Please note that the fabric must meet the BS fire regulations. The fabric size should be a minimum of 30cm larger than the piano stool top (47cm larger for the MS701), however in the case of a large pattern or where the design needs to be centred this may have to be increased. If you do decide to use this service please e-mail us here and we will provide the address to send your fabric to and payment instructions.

Q. Can I have a stool in a different height?
A. Yes, we can supply the Woodhouse stools with the straight or tapered legs made to the required height, within limits of course. To cover the time setting and resetting the tooling to make these one off legs there is a charge of £10.00. If you do decide to use this service please e-mail us here with the stool type and the height required and we will provide further details along with payment instructions.

Just Piano Stools

For the widest range of piano stools for sale in a choice of styles, finishes and fabric colours. All available to order online and buy direct from our website.

Piano stools

  • These piano stools are manufactured by Woodhouse and Tozer and are made to order. This normally takes approximately two to three weeks for Woodhouse piano stools. Tozer piano stools can take up to six weeks for delivery.