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Woodhouse wood colours
Colours may vary slightly to those shown due to monitor settings. Click on any picture of a piano stool for a larger image.
natural natural colour piano stool
walnut walnut piano stool
dark walnut dark walnut piano stool
Natural colour piano stool
Walnut piano stool
Dark walnut piano stool
teak piano stool
cherry piano stool
light mahogany piano stool
Teak piano stool
Cherry piano stool
Light Mahogany piano stool
dark mahogany piano stool
rosewood piano stool
dark oak piano stool
Dark mahogany piano stool
Rosewood piano stool
Dark oak piano stool
black black piano stool
Black piano stool

Woodhouse wooden piano stools are available in the following colours in either satin or gloss finish.

natural colour piano stools
walnut piano stools
dark walnut piano stools
teak piano stools
cherry piano stools
light mahogany piano stools
dark mahogany pinao stools
rosewood piano stools
dark oak piano stools
black piano stools

All of the piano stools for sale on the Just Piano Stools website are brand new and made to order.
Woodhouse and Tozer piano stools are made predominantly from beech wood which
is stained in a choice of colours and can be purchased in either satin or gloss finish.

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